David Shuster speaks to me about Keith Olbermann... sort of.

After I had breakfast with David Shuster the day after the Rally to Restore Sanity, I did a quick post about it with the intention of giving a full account at some point. But after thinking about it, I decided against it:

"I've decided not to elaborate any further on my lunch with David, except to say that I told him that MSNBC really screwed him over and MSNBC President, Phil Griffin, is a real piece of work. Griffin took one of the few actual journalists that worked as an MSNBC host and walked all over him. David is remarkably at peace with everything and will be fine, great in fact, and what MSNBC is losing will be someone else's gain."
The truth is, I didn't feel like sharing our private conversation, even though David said I could blog about anything we discussed. It just didn't feel right. We talked about a lot of personal things; our families, our dads, in addition to some issues I have with MSNBC, the reasons David felt unsettled there, his decision to talk to CNN, and David's situation now.

It was a great couple of hours and decided to leave it at that...

Then, MSNBC President, Phil Griffin, suspended Keith Olbermann after it was reported Keith had been donated to three Democrats at the end of October

Despite the fact that NBC said that “MSNBC 'Doesn't Answer' to NBC News Standards," and it was clear Phil Griffin didn’t mind Joe Scarborough donating to Republicans (or that even Pat Buckkkanan has given 5 political contributions over the past few years), Griffin removed Keith from the air "until further notice."

Well, I just had to see what David thought about all this.

I spoke with him little while ago & tried my best to pry some juicy thoughts from him regarding Olbermann's suspension -- anything that I could blog that is -- but sad to say, I wasn't very successful.

Considering he's still under contract with MSNBC until December, and anything he would say could jeopardize him financially -- and that there was really no upside to him speaking out on Keith or his situation until then -- this was the best I could do on-the-record:
Joshua: David, thanks for taking my questions.

David Shuster: You are welcome. You may not be thankful when you see how little I can say about most things. You are the only person in the media/politics/blogosphere world I've even responded to. I have kept my phones turned off and haven't answered any e-mails just to avoid the questions from reporters and etc. But for you, I'll consider anything.

Joshua: Any reaction to the Keith Olbermann situation?

David Shuster: Joshua, I love you man. But it's not my place to talk about any of that. So, I'm not going to comment. I'm sorry.

Me: Any news on your suspension or your future plans?

David Shuster: As MSNBC has stated publicly, my contract ends in December. I'm sure that we will have an amicable discussion about my future and theirs.

Joshua: Any thoughts on how MSNBC handled your situation?

David Shuster: I harbor no ill will or negative feelings towards MSNBC.

Joshua: So, what have you been up too since we last saw each other?

David Shuster: I just participated with a bunch of friends in a 5k walk for an organization called the "Lungevity foundation." They are dedicated to finding a cure for lung cancer. It was a spectacular day today in DC and it was nice to be outside with friends, trying to help with a good cause.

At least is was something. ;-)

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