David Shuster & I had breakfast this morning! (UPDATED)

David Shuster & I breakfast this morning! It was truly an amazing experience to sit down with him and talk about our lives, our families, our thoughts on the current political climate and so much more.

Honestly, he's one the of the nicest people I've ever met. Down-to-earth, warm, welcoming and completely nonjudgmental. I left filled with tons of gratitude and appreciation knowing that he took the time out of his life to meet with me, and was eager to do so.

I'll probably do a full blog post about our lunch when I get home - I haven't decided yet - so, this picture will have to do for now.

(David Shuster & me after breakfast this morning at the Sofitel in Washington, D.C.)

Wow. I came to Washington D.C. to attend Jon Stewart's "Rally to Restore Sanity," which was a huge success (215,ooo people according to the same CBS experts who estimated Glenn Becks rally at 87,000), and David Shuster had breakfast with me today.

What a great weekend!

UPDATE: "I've decided not to elaborate any further on my lunch with David, except to say that I told him that MSNBC really screwed him over and MSNBC President, Phil Griffin, is a real piece of work. Griffin took one of the few actual journalists that worked as an MSNBC host and walked all over him. David is remarkably at peace with everything and will be fine, great in fact, and what MSNBC is losing will be someone else's gain."

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