That Woman Is An Idiot! (UPDATE)

Sarah Palin the half-term former racist, fear-mongering, xenophobic Christian extremist, half-term Governor from Alaska -- decided to get involved in the right-wing's frothing over the purposed Islamic Center being to built near ground zero.

From her twitter a/c:


That woman is an idiot.

Of course, she didn't kindly to all the attention her idiocy had once again drawn down on her, so she explained her grasp of the English language it yet another mind-boggling tweet (after quickly deleting the original):
Shakespeare? She's comparing her butchering of the English language to Shakespeare?
"To be a cunt today, or not to be cunt today, that is the question." - Sarah Palin
Now I get it.

Perhaps next time, Sarah Palin should stay the fuck out of NYC's business, if nothing than to save the English language.

That woman is an idiot.

Sarah Palin 2012!
Sarah Palin 2012!
Sarah Palin 2012!


Olbermann had some fun with this:
And this one:

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