The Fox Cycle: From Bogus Right-Wing Attack To Mainstream News

We know what Fox "news" is, but most people who waste time watching this propaganda network, faithfully believe that what they are seeing is the honest-t0-god truth.


Media Matters explains in this piece, and the accompanying video, how their
propaganda/attack machine really works and how their manufactured outrage at non-issues, like at the New Black Panther Party, is duping their viewers and then the main stream media who eventually report on the lies, fear-mongering and faux outrage as though they don't know the facts.

As more and more media outlets follow Fox News' lead in covering the manufactured New Black Panther Party/Department of Justice (DOJ) scandal, Media Matters offers three case studies of previous bogus right-wing attacks that, with help from Fox News, went mainstream before being debunked.

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