As Sharron Angle's World Turns, These Are The Days....(UPDATED)

Last week, on Sharron Angle....

Plain-Esque Delusions of Grandier: Sharron Angle Calls Herself "Ronald Reagan In Heels"

Sam Stein reports on Angle's website maker: "Sharron Angle's Tea Party Agenda Gets A Drastic Makeover":

In early June, Senate candidate Sharron Angle spoke emphatically on her website about abolishing the Department of Education, having Social Security "transitioned out" to the private sector, and repealing legislation that prohibited offshore drilling.

But today, if you visit the Nevada Republican's website, you'd have no indication that any of these positions were planks of her agenda.

After three weeks of rewrites, the Angle campaign has released (with little publicity or fanfare) a new and improved campaign website. It was done with obvious care, and tailor-made to pitch the Tea Party favorite as a mellow-minded conservative alternative to her Democratic opponent, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

A comparison of the content from both websites shows dramatic, fundamental shifts in her policy platform. For instance, the candidate has gone from calling for the "repeal" of "regulations that prohibit off shore drilling" to a position that is, simply put, the exact opposite.

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Outsider Sharron Angle also hired an insider GOP team for her much needed personal makeover:

The teams that brought us Rick Santorum, Rudy Guiliani and John McCain are gearing up to bring America a new conservative hero: Nevada Republican Senate nominee Sharron Angle.

Just back in the Silver State after her week in D.C., Angle is rolling out her new team of consultants and staff. The group is pulled together from past Republican campaigns and prominent firms on the national circuit. For Angle -- charged with pulling off the most high-profile incumbent defeat of the cycle -- the team provides a mainstream sheen to her decidedly outsider campaign. National Republicans said they were going to come to her aid, and now we see they have put their money where their mouths were.

The team of consultants has a tough job ahead of it. Angle is facing a hostile local media, a skeptical national media and an opponent in Sen. Harry Reid who has made it clear he intends to put her on the defensive over some of her more extreme positions.

UPDATE I: About that website makeover...
Angle Sends Cease-And-Desist To Reid -- For Reposting Her Own Website

[...] After the former state Rep won Nevada's Republican Senate primary, Angle's campaign took down most of its website, and later replaced it with a relaunched version that in some ways toned down her right-wing rhetoric. But Internet pages are rarely ever forgotten -- the Reid campaign saved the old version, and put up a website called "The Real Sharron Angle," reproducing the old content.

Then, they say, the Angle campaign sent them a cease-and-desist letter, claiming misuse of copyrighted materials in the reposting of the old website -- which was, of course, being posted for the purposes of ridiculing Angle. The Reid campaign has in fact taken down the site, rerouting visitors to another website that goes after Angle's positions, "Sharron's Underground Bunker."

The Reid campaign said in a press release:

Despite her threat of a frivolous lawsuit, Nevada voters can still learn about her long-held policy positions at www.sharronsundergroundbunker.com.

"These are Sharron Angle's positions in Sharron's own words from Sharron's own website. What was good enough for Nevada voters to read during the primary should be good enough for them now," said Reid campaign spokesman Jon Summers. "Sharron has long believed in killing Social Security, eliminating the Departments of Education and Energy and shipping nuclear waste to Nevada. We've always heard that Sharron Angle is an unapologetic conservative. It has to be embarrassing for her to have her handlers trying to hide who she really is."
Check out "The Real Sharron Angle" site.
We then learned that Sharron Angle thinks rape & incest is "god's plan" and is against abortion even then.

No, really: Sharron Angle Is Against Abortion In Cases Of Rape Or Incest: It Would Interfere With God’s ‘Plan’
In a radio interview with Bill Manders on Jan. 25, Sharron Angle — the GOP candidate and Tea Party darling challenging Harry Reid for Nevada’s U.S. Senate seat — came out firmly against abortion. She even took the extreme position that women should not have control over their reproductive rights in cases of rape or incest, because it would interfere with God’s “plan” for them:

MANDERS: Is there any reason at all for an abortion?

ANGLE: Not in my book.

MANDERS: So, in other words, rape and incest would not be something?

ANGLE: You know, I’m a Christian, and I believe that God has a plan and a purpose for each one of our lives and that he can intercede in all kinds of situations and we need to have a little faith in many things.

Listen here:

Last week, Manders — who is a conservative radio host — told his listeners that in order to beat Reid, Angle has to “slide to the left a little bit, to the middle, so to speak. Not stay way over to the right.”
No shit, bill.

Her "Pro-Choice" views got her named Worst Persons by Keith Olbermann:
Sharron Angle finally met with the Nevada Press -- after being begged for an interview & ultimately fleeing from reporters to avoid them -- and now we know why.

Things didn't go as smoothly as she had hoped when she sat down with Nevada political reporter, Jon Ralston, on his show Face to Face, for what amounted to be one pretty entertaining interview:
Sharron Angle: Separation of Church & State is Unconstitutional

Angle: Don't Extend Unemployment Benefits, Go Get a Real Job

Sharron Angle's Views on unemployment benefits raised some eyebrows:
Unemployment Benefits: Sharron Angle's "Screw You" Economics

Don't think she'll be interviewing with any non-Fox-like media anytime soon. You can read a more in depth analysis of the interview at Talking Points Memo. Also, here's that full Ralston interview if you feel like watching it.

Angle was raked over the coals, first for not interviewing with media that might not be as friendly as Fox "news" per say, and then for her interview with Ralston - as were conservatives in general - which Rachel Maddow pointed out so eloquently in her take on that interview:
Stay tuned for more drama on As Sharron Angle's World Turns.

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