Why Do Republicans Hate Our Military Vets?

Hypocrisy, thy name is GOP. The Homeless Women Veterans and Homeless Veterans with Children Act was blocked by Senate Republicans.

Via SenateDemocrats (h/t Crooks & Liars & Daily Kos):

Senator Patty Murray today called up a homeless women veterans bill on the Senate floor but it was blocked by Senate Republicans. The bill was introduced in June of 2009 and passed the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee on January 28, 2010 with strong bi-partisan support.

"I am deeply disappointed that Senate Republicans continued to put politics above people and blocked my bill that would provide support for homeless women veterans and their families," said Senator Patty Murray. "This is a bipartisan, common-sense bill that would support veterans in my home state of Washington and across the country. I am going to continue fighting for it to pass. And I urge Senate Republicans to end their obstruction and allow homeless women veterans across the country to get the support they have earned."

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