Sharron Angle: Birthers, Biblical Law Backers & Booze Edition

Let's check in on the GOP's Teabagging pick to run against Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid in Nevada:

Is Sharron Angle a birther? Sounds
like it (h/t ProgressNowNevada):

How long will Angle go before letting us know? http://www.TheWrongAngle.com
Is a leading Biblical Law advocate "jubilant" over supporting Sharron Angle? Uh-huh (h/t Troutfishing):
I've been picking through PDF files on Sharon Angle's campaign website and was startled to come across the following, in an Angle for Senate press release about her campaign's endorsement by the National Federation of Republican Assemblies. Here's the second paragraph:

NFRA President Rod D. Martin was jubilant in endorsing Angle: "Sharon Angle is uniquely qualified to beat Harry Reid and to serve in the U.S. Senate, and she has proven time and time again that she will uphold true conservative values for the citizens of Nevada and the nation."

Rod D. Martin isn't merely the head of the NFRA, he's also a leading Christian Reconstructionist, as I wrote about at length in January 2008 in a piece titled Huckabee Endorses His Christian Reconstructionist Arkansas Policy Adviser.

The NFRA, in turn, bills itself as the "Republican Wing of the Republican Party" but is in fact heavily influenced by the Christian Reconstructionist movement.


Over the past several week, spadework and coverage from a small number of alternative press journalists has tied Nevada Republican U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle to American theocratic political parties and to the Christian Reconstructionist movement - Adele Stan of Alternet.org [1, 2], Justin Elliot of Talking Points Memo [1], Julie Ingersol for Religion Dispatches [1, 2], and my own coverage [1, 2, 3]

read more about Sharron Angle's supporters...
Does Sharron Angle believe as your Senator, it's not her job to create jobs for Nevada? Sure sounds like it (h/t HarryReid2010).
Does Sharron Angle want to coming for your pot, booze, and porn (but not your guns)? If she had her way she would (via B. E. Wilson at Alternet.org):
A world without pot, booze, or pornography ? Many Nevadans might find that unimaginable. But not Sharron Angle.

Many journalists have associated Republican Party Senate candidates Sharron Angle and Rand Paul with the Tea Party movement, which is often characterized as libertarian (a few disagree with that take.) Some of Rand Paul’s views, such as his anti-war stance, do seem to fit the libertarian mold. And both candidates are strong supporters of gun rights (Angle has even hinted at armed anti-government insurrection.) But both are opposed to legalized marijuana and Sharron Angle takes things even further. During a recent interview Angle said she thinks both marijuana and alcoholic beverages should be illegal. Then there’s porn. At least up into 2005 Angle was promoting, on her own SharronAngle.com web site, a Nevada anti-tax PAC called We The People whose stated goals included outlawing pornography.


Does Sharron Angle think Social Security benefits are just like welfare? Sounds likes it (h/t HarryReid2010):

As if Sharron Angle's dangerous, extreme agenda to eliminate Social Security & Medicare weren't enough, she has the gall to insult the very Nevadans benefiting from the program. Social Security is something every American pays into for their retirement, earning their benefits, and is certainly not "welfare."
Did Sharron Angle make Worst Persons, yet again? Uh-huh:
Also see: Could Social Security Be in Jeopardy? One Local Group Says Yes

Is Sharron Angle babbling like a fool while trying to explain away her views on Scientology's
idea of replacing traditional psychiatry with “dianetics" while claiming it's not Scientology? Matt Yglesias would say, "YES!"

I think I haven’t yet done a post about how nutty Sharron Angle is, but to me this takes the cake:

The same Post story claimed that as a legislator, Angle had supported “a prison rehabilitation program promoted by the Church of Scientology and involving massage and saunas.”

Seeking to “clear the record,” Angle told us “I am not even sure that the Church of Scientology fits into it at all. You have to make some quantum leaps here.”

She noted “the program itself is a multifaceted program, and it had two protocols: one in the area of withdrawals, and it was a natural withdrawal system. As s you know, that can have some severe physical side effects and the cramping that was involved there required that other people be taught how to relieve the cramping. So that is where it said that people were being massaged.”

“The second protocol was what they called the ‘disintoxification,’ which was actually sweating the drug out of one’s system so that there were no longer any cravings for the drug. This is a very intense potassium, calcium, vitamin, mineral regimen, with a hot rock sauna that sweats the toxins out. Those two protocols were developed by [the late Church of Scientology founder] L. Ron Hubbard, and they had to give him credit. But it is not Scientology, but rather natural homeopathic medicine.”

To review, Scientology is a religion based around the idea of replacing traditional psychiatry with “dianetics” that L Ron Hubbard made up. The thing Angle is talking about is a psychiatry alternative that was also made up by Hubbard and supported by his organizations. But somehow it’s not Scientology? How? Why?

Did Sharron Angle's fringe third party once sponsor "Virulently Anti-Gay Flier In '90s?" Definitely a yeser.

The far-right third party that Nevada GOP Senate candidate Sharron Angle called home in the 1990s supported abolishing "the debt money system" and ran a vitriolic anti-gay insert in state newspapers that portrays LGBT people -- or, as Angle's party called them, "sodomites" -- as child-molesting, HIV-carrying, Hell-bound freaks, according to documents obtained by TPM.


n 1994, the party attracted considerable controversy by placing a 16-page advertising insert in Nevada newspapers promoting an amendment to the state constitution that would explicitly permit discrimination against LGBT people by businesses and government.

Janine Hansen, the current executive director of the party and the editor of the '94 insert, told TPM earlier this month that "in general [Angle] agreed with our position on the issues."

The ad insert, which approvingly cites an 1814 legal treatise titled "Consequences of Sodomy: Ruin of a Nation," is a digest of articles that refer to LGBT people alternately as "homosexuals," "sodomites," and "brazen perverts." The insert includes virtually every homophobic myth ever conceived.

Sample headlines include: "Homosexual Curriculum In The First Grade" ... "Flawed Science Nurtures Genetic Origin For Homosexuality" ... "No Constitutional Right To Be A Sodomite." Here's a passage from an item headlined "True Homosexual Character Revealed":

Homosexuals argue that they are a peaceful and gay people. Yet ... Dr. Paul Cameron of the Family Research Report writes "the top six U.S. male killers were all homosexuals."
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