Rand Paul: Every Bit as Dangerous as Sharron Angle

Just because Sharron Angle sucked all the oxygen out the padded cell for the past month, doesn't mean there isn't news about other teabagging patient, Rand Paul.

Here's a summary of what's the faux Doc has been up too:

Rand Paul & the 14th Amendment:
Wall Street Journal’s Thomas Frank talks about Dr. Rand Paul’s opposition to citizenship for children of illegal immigrants born in the United States.

Rand Paul is NOT a board-certified doctor?
Tea time: Countdown Keith Olbermann’s comments on the questions surrounding Rand Paul’s certification as a eye-surgeon.

Rand Paul & BP:

Rand Paul's against anti-smoking laws too?!?!
Rand Paul emerges from hiding

Tea time: Senate candidate Rand Paul, R-Ky., wrote a commentary piece for the Bowling Green Daily News expressing his outrage over anti-smoking laws in restaurants.

Rand Paul: A Typical Politician

Rand Paul has long history of controversial views

Meet Jack Conway:
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