PRIORITIES: Snowe & Collins Give Billions to Wall Street

Senator's Olympia Snowe & Susan Collins once again proved they 'moderate' labels aren't worth paper they are written on when they joined the rest of the Senate Republican caucus and voted against extending unemployment benefits for millions of Americans who are about to lose the only source of income they have due to their inability to find a job in this still lagging economy.

American's United for change had something to say about that:

As it turns out, Ms. Snowe thinks that people are stupid enough to forget she just voted against the bill. She released the following statement calling for the unemployment benefits to be extended (h/t Daily Kos) just after voting against a bill that would have done just that:
After joining with her fellow Republicans to block a bill that would have extended unemployment insurance, Senator Olympia J. Snowe of Maine urged Democrats on Friday to put forward a separate bill to help people who have exhausted their jobless benefits.

The legislation blocked by Republicans on Thursday includes both the $35.5 billion extension in unemployment insurance and a broad array of tax changes and other safety net spending. Republican leaders said they were opposed to some tax increases in the bill and also do not want the measure to add to the deficit. In response to Republican demands, Democrats have covered the cost of all of the $112 billion package except for the unemployment benefits.

In a letter to the Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, Democrat of Nevada, Ms. Snowe said that a separate bill would disentangle the unemployment benefits from the larger fight.

“Separating the unemployment insurance provisions of the extenders bill and passing it as emergency legislation acknowledges the urgency of helping those who continue to look for work,” Ms. Snowe wrote. “Unemployment checks inject money directly into the economy, invariably assisting in the economic recovery we all agree must be accelerated.”


Ms. Snowe in her letter sought to demonstrate her concern about Americans who remain out of work. “The hundreds of thousands of unemployed Americans who are losing jobless benefits every week deserve our immediate attention, so I am writing today to urge you to bring a free-standing extension of unemployment insurance benefits to the Senate floor for a vote early next week,” she wrote. “As of today, more than 1.2 million people out of work for longer than six months are ineligible for the next tier of extended benefits, which were originally provided by the economic stimulus bill to fight the recession.”

Some concern. These cretins treat their constituents like utter morons.

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