Olbermann Special Comment: Calls on Obama to KEEP Gen. Stanley McChrystal

I completely understand his logic, but couldn't disagree more with Keith Olbermann's suggestion to President Obama in last night's Special Comment, that he should keep Gen. Stanley McChrystal for political reasons.

This President doesn't need anyone else challenging him, particularly in the military. The right has already convinced a majority of the GOP and many independents that Obama isn't legitimate for one reason or another. Having one of the top generals be allowed to stay on after pulling the shit that McChrystal has, and it's not his first time, it insane.

Keeping McChrystal sets a dangerous prescient. I disagree with him 1000% on this one. Keeping McChrystal is just plain stupid:

Olbermann on the self-destruction of McChrystal

In a Special Comment, Countdown’s Keith Olbermann argues that President Barack Obama shouldn’t accept a resignation from Gen. Stanley McChrystal.

It is not McChrystal that matters right now. It is doubtful he is an irreplacable general officer. It is doubtful he will influence Afghanistan much one way or the other — that mistake has been made already by this military and this President.

But Mr. President, consider the after-math of McChrystal's resignation or firing. If, in the America of 1951, the dismissal of General Douglas MacArthur, a strutting peacock of a soldier with a corncob pipe and a messianic complex, could turn the politics of the time on its head because Harry Truman had had the temerity to fire him after he said we should use nukes against the Chinese and create an impassible radioactive zone in the Far East.

If that happened then what exactly will the ouster of General McChrystal provoke, in our stupid, under-informed, constantly propagandized America of 2010? Who will be the first to identify McChrystal as a martyr to the evil Obama Administration? How many Americans, still looking for a rationalization to justify their rage at a Democratic president, or a black one, or an intelligent one, will have new fuel to feed their blind hatred?

Keep him, Mr. President. will not merely neuter the political blowback, you will present a front of force, and calm, and intelligence, and a willingness to, dare I use the phrase Sir — a willingness to listen to the Commanders on the ground, even when they shoot off their big brass-covered bazoos.

You can own him, Mr. President, and own the political aftermath, now pregnant with opportunities for your critics. The General can be your voice to speed up the de-escalation. My goodness, he could be your mouthpiece if you suddenly saw the morass for what it is and decided to declare victory and get the hell out now. Who would fight you on that, Sir?

You would be the President who defended General McChrystal after he humiliated himself. You would be the leader sensitive to the military, and its needs, and its failures, and its pressures.

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