Olbermann & Maddow Review President Obama's Oil Disaster Address

Keith Olbermann was nonplussed, to say the least, with President Obama's oil disaster speech, like many of us progressives were. Here's are their initial reactions just after the speech concluded:

What did Obama accomplish in his address?

Countdown’s Keith Olbermann is joined by msnbc’s Chris Matthews and Newsweek’s Howard Fineman do discuss whether President Barack Obama convinced the outraged public that his administration can take control of the oil crisis in the Gulf.

The following night, Keith addressed the speech further, and it's failings, with Robert Reich:
Timing of Obama speech questionable
Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich talks with Keith Olbermann about President Obama’s Tuesday speech and the conflict between corporate interests and average Americans.

Finally, Keith addressed the criticism he's received for daring to speak out about how inadequate Obama's speech really was:
One last thing, Keith took to Daily Kos -- in what seems to be a GBCW post -- to address the absurd attacks & implication that his 'outraged' was pre-planned -- and because he dared to speak out against this failed speech:
"Check, Please"

If I can understand people's frustration with seeing a speech by a Democratic president criticized in a venue such as mine, why is it impossible for some people here to accept my frustration about the speech? You don't agree with me, fine. You don't want to watch because you don't agree with me, fine. But to accuse me, after five years of risking what I have to present the truth as I see it, of staging something for effect, is deeply offensive to me and is an indication of what has happened here.

You want Cheerleaders? Hire the Buffalo Jills. You want diaries with conspiracy theories, go nuts. If you want this site the way it was even a year ago, let me know and I'll be back.

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Rachel Maddow not only reviewed President Obama's oval office speech on the oil disaster but the nest night she gave what she thought should have been the speech:
Obama plan: wing-it and a prayer?

Ezra Klein, staff writer for The Washington Post, shares his analysis of President Obama's Oval Office address on the BP oil disaster and green energy in America, and the political path to putting his words into action.

Here's what she should have liked to see:
Fake President Maddow's Oval-Office-in-her-own-head address

Rachel Maddow rewrites President Barack Obama's Tuesday Oval Office address to what she had hoped he was going to say.

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