Meet Sharron Angle, Sen. Harry Reid's Teabagging Challenger (UPDATED)

Move over Rand Paul. You've got competition for the crazy.

There's a reason Democrats and Sen, Harry Reid went after Sue Chicken Lady Lowden so hard, they want 110% nutter & teabagger favorite, Sharron Angle, to be their opponent. Here's why:

Oath Keepers

Reid Opponent Embraces Patriot Group That Warns Of 'Giant Concentration Camps'

The peculiar ideology of Sharron Angle, the Republican nominee challenging Sen. Harry Reid in Nevada, is perhaps no better illustrated than by her embrace of the patriot group Oath Keepers, whose membership of uniformed soldiers and police take an oath to refuse orders they see as unconstitutional -- including enforcement of gun laws, violations of states' sovereignty, and "any order to blockade American cities, thus turning them into giant concentration camps."

"We support what the organization stands for," Angle's husband, Ted, told TPMDC in a phone interview Monday. "Sharron does."

Members of Oath Keepers -- whose motto is "Not on our watch!" -- take a 10-item oath affirming that they will not, for example, force citizens into detention camps or invade a state "that asserts its sovereignty and declares the national government to be in violation of the compact by which that state entered the Union."
Angle Spoke Out Against Fluoride In Water Supply
Nevada GOP Senate candidate Sharron Angle earlier in her career spoke out strongly against fluoride, the substance known alternately for improving dental health and as a Communist plot to undermine Western democracy.


The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported in April 1999 that the state assembly, of which Angle was a member, voted 26-16 for a bill that required fluoridation in two counties including the cities of Reno and Las Vegas. Angle was a strong opponent of the measure.
Rand Paul
"Sharon Angle is a Rand Paul-type candidate."

Why is Harry Reid happier running against Sharron Angle, the 60 year old former Republican Nevada Assemblywoman, than chickengate victim Sue Lowden? Maybe it's because they think she'll implode like another tea party favorite: Kentucky's Rand Paul.

"Sharon Angle is a Rand Paul-type candidate," Reid's campaign manager Brandon Hall tells me. "In fact, I would say she's more extreme than Rand Paul."

Paul's extremism may be allowing him to hold on to his lead, but Nevada is a much less conservative state than Kentucky. So expect this to be a significant part of the Dems' Nevada strategy: using Angle's Tea Party-esque positions and statements on everything from nuclear waste to the nuclear family to demonstrate just how far out of the mainstream she is.
Nevada's GOP Senate primary, starring Sharron Angle, Sue Lowden, Tom Cruise and chickens
Tom Cruise: Angle, the "tea party" darling whose chances for victory have surged in the race’s final weeks, was targeted by former frontrunner Lowden in the hands-down strangest ad of the race.

While a state lawmaker, Angle supported a drug-treatment program for inmates that included saunas and massages, which her opponents have linked to Scientology. The Lowden camp cut an ad showing “inmates” sprawled on a massage table and wiggling their freshly painted toenails. One kisses his “Thanks, Sharon” tattoo.

A photograph of Cruise, a Scientology enthusiast, makes a brief, pointed appearance.

Angle, a Southern Baptist, responded to the onslaught by...

...scrubbing her website of references to lobbying for legislation with Scientologists Kelly Preston and Jenna Elfman, the Las Vegas Sun reported.
The Dems have wasted no time in putting out talking points about Ms. Angle, confirming why they, and Senator Reid, couldn't wait for he to be their challenger. Here they are in full:

"[Mainstream Republicans] always try to marginalize me, treat me like I don't exist. They say, 'You're too conservative.' Was Thomas Jefferson too conservative? I'm tired of some people calling me wacky." -Sharron Angle, 3/21/2010

Angle Was Selected As the Worst Nevada Assembly Member Twice. As a freshman member of the assembly, Angle received a rating of D+ in a poll conducted by the Review-Journal and was selected as the worst of the 11 freshmen assembly members. In 2005, Angle was again selected as the "worst member of the assembly." [Review-Journal, 5/30/1999, 6/21/2005]


Angle: Families With Two Working Parents Are Wrong and Unacceptable. In October 2009, Sharron Angle told the Gazette-Journal, "Right now, we say in a traditional home one parent stays home with the children and the other provides the financial support for that family. That is the acceptable and right thing to do. If we begin to expand that, not only do we dilute the resources that are available, we begin to dilute things like health care, retirement, all the things offered to families that help them be a family." [Gazette-Journal, 10/22/09]


Angle: Unemployed Nevadans Who Depend On Unemployment Insurance Are "Spoiled." During a May 2010 interview on KRNV, Angle said, "You can make more money on unemployment than you can going down and getting one of those jobs that is an honest job, but it doesn't pay as much. And so that's what's happened to us is that we have put in so much entitlement into our government that we really have spoiled our citizenry and said you don't want the jobs that are available." [KRNV, 5/25/2010]

One Week Later, Angle Said Extending Unemployment Insurance Is "A Terrible Thing." During a June 2010 interview on KDWN's Heidi Harris in the Morning, Angle said extending unemployment insurance was "a terrible thing. You know, I was criticized for saying that Americans won't do certain jobs and the reason that they won't do certain jobs is because they get more pay on unemployment than they can get to work those... those good jobs that are really out there. What has happened is Harry Reid has just extended unemployment and when he did that he not only made it so that people are less employable, but he makes it so that they want to be dependent on the government. This entitlement pays them more than getting a real job." [Heidi Harris in the Morning, 6/2/2010]


Angle Ridiculed Nevada Families Who Work In The Hospitality Industry, Saying Their Jobs Are Ones "Americans Don't Do." In a September 2009 town hall meeting Sharron Angle said, "My father bought a small business out in front of the convention center in Reno... a motel...we did those things as a kid growing up that Americans don't do. We cleaned bathrooms and made beds and swept floors, did laundry, those kinds of things." Angle later repeated her sentiment at a Las Vegas candidate forum, telling the crowd, "We did those jobs Americans don't do. We cleaned bathrooms, and made beds and swept floors and hung out laundry, because that was the lifeblood of our family." [Angle Town Hall, 9/1/2009; Sun City Forum, 2/5/2010]

Nevada Casino Executive Sue Lowden Slammed Angle Over Her Comment. In a May 2010 blog post, Sue Lowden, Executive Vice President of Archon Corporation, which owns the Pioneer Hotel & Gambling Hall in Laughlin, wrote, "What? 'That Americans don't do'? There are no Americans cleaning bathrooms, making beds, sweeping floors and doing laundry in Nevada's casinos and resorts? Or was Sharron suggesting that the large number of first- and second-generation immigrant-Americans who toil in Nevada's hospitality industry aren't 'real' Americans? Or was she trying to infer that all of these jobs are being filled by illegal aliens?" [Sue Lowden blog post, 5/26/2010]

Nevada Hispanic Caucus: Angle's "Demeaning And Discriminatory Rhetoric Indicates Sharron Angle's Disrespect For The Majority Of Hardworking Nevadans." In a May 2010 statement, the Nevada Hispanic Caucus said, "We at the Nevada Hispanic Caucus are offended and appalled at the comments made by U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle, inferring custodial work is something 'Americans don't do.' Her demeaning and discriminatory rhetoric indicates Sharron Angle's disrespect for the majority of hardworking Nevadans. [Nevada Hispanic Caucus,


Angle Sponsored Legislation Associating Abortion With Breast Cancer. In 1999, the Associated Press reported Angle proposed a bill that "would have required doctors to inform women seeking abortions about a controversial theory linking an increased risk of breast cancer with abortion." Angle said she was pro-life and would like to see Nevada's abortion law overturned. When Angle introduced the legislation again in 2001, the Las Vegas Review-Journal wrote that critics responded by saying the alleged link was not supported by scientific evidence, calling the bill a "scare tactic." [Associated Press, 4/10/1999; Las Vegas Review Journal, 2/16/2001]


Angle Opposed Prohibiting The Death Sentence For The Mentally Impaired. In April 2001, Angle voted against a bill that prohibited the death penalty for a person who was mentally impaired. Assembly Bill 353 would have allowed a defendant charged with first degree murder to file a motion to declare he was mentally impaired. Upon a motion being filed, the court would hold a hearing to determine whether the defendant was mentally impaired, and if so found, would exempt that individual from receiving a death sentence. [AB 353, 4/24/2001]

Angle Opposed Two-Year Moratorium On Executions: Everybody We Kill On Death Row Wants To Die Anyway. In May 2001, Angle opposed a two year moratorium on executions saying, "We haven't executed people who did not want to be executed for years and years. There is a fellow on death row now who killed someone when I was in high school." [Las Vegas Review-Journal, 5/17/2001]


Sharron Angle Would "Wipe Out" Social Security, "Phase Out" Medicare. In May 2010, the Associated Press reported, "Sharron Angle wants to wipe out Social Security." During a May 2010 debate on Face to Face, Sharron Angle said, "We need to phase Medicare and Social Security out in favor of something privatized." She later added, "Going forward we need to phase it out, give people an opportunity to either opt into the old system or go for a new system where they have their own healthcare savings account or they have their own retirement savings account which is portable and goes with them from job to job and for those who are entering the workforce right now they come on to the new system so it's a phased-in system so it's something [inaudible] privatize." [Associated Press, 5/27/2010; [Face to Face Debate, 5/19/10]

Lowden Campaign Chief: Angle's Call For Eliminating Social Security Is "Completely Out Of Step" And "Politically Unpalatable." In May 2010, Lowden Campaign Manager Robert Uithoven told the Associated Press that Angle's plan for Social Security "is completely out of step. In a state that has a huge number of retirees, it's not a proposal Nevadans ... would back." He later told Politico on "(Angle's) views on issues such as 'the full elimination' of Social Security are politically unpalatable -- to win Democratic and independent voters in a closely contested general election..." [Associated Press, 5/27/2010; Politico, 6/5/2010]


Angle Opposes Any Efforts To Reform or Hold Wall Street Accountable. According to a Las Vegas Sun article outlining where Senate candidates stand on Wall Street Reform, "Before you ask Angle how Wall Street should be reformed, you need to ask her if it needs to be reformed. 'No,' she said in a written response." While other candidates disagreed on precisely how Wall Street should be reformed, Sharron Angle was the only one of five Senate candidates to respond in a written questionnaire from the Las Vegas Sun that no action should be taken to fix Wall Street. [Las Vegas Sun, 4/28/2010]

Angle Blamed Financial Crisis On "Too Much Regulation Across The Board." According to an April 18, 2010 article in the Las Vegas Sun, Angle told reporter David Schwartz the cause of the financial crisis was "too much regulation across the board." [Las Vegas Sun, 4/18/2010]

Angle Says We Should Leave Bailed Out Banks To Do Whatever They Want. When asked a question about failed banks giving bonuses to executives and financial reform, Sharron Angle said, "Well you don't give them the money in the first place, but now that they've got it, I don't see that we go in and we tell business what to do. That's not what government's supposed to be about." [Face to Face with Jon Ralston, 2/3/2010]


Angle Would Eliminate Departments Of Education And Energy. In a March 2010 e-interview with the conservative website Nevada News and Views, Sharron Angle told the site her proposed federal cuts "Should include the Department of Education, Department of Energy ...I include these cuts in my economic policy for taking back our government." [Nevada News and Views, 3/22/2010]

Even The Wall Street Journal Called Angle's Zeal For Eliminating Departments, Programs "Controversial" and "Outside the Mainstream." The Wall Street Journal wrote, "Ms. Angle is the most controversial of the three potential Republican nominees and the one easiest to portray as outside the mainstream. That's because she's suggested at various times abolishing the federal tax code, privatizing Social Security for younger Americans and eliminating the Education Department." [Wall Street Journal, 6/7/2010]


Angle Voted Against Protecting Home Buyers From Mortgage Fraud And "Unscrupulous Developers." In 1999, Angle voted against a bill that required mortgage brokers to maintain a minimum net worth and established a program under which the Division of Financial Institutions could register, conduct background investigations and supervise mortgage agents. In addition, the Associated Press reported Angle also opposed a bill that year that protected home buyers "from unscrupulous developers and contractors." The bill stipulated "home owners must disclose to prospective buyers any construction defect lawsuits they filed in the past - even if the problems were repaired." Angle said, "Forcing disclosure of defect lawsuits was an unfair burden on home owners." [AB 64, 4/30/99; Associated Press, 5/13/1999]


Angle: "We Should Think Of Ourselves As A Recycle Land." In 2002, the Reno Gazette Journal reported that "veteran lawmaker Sharron Angle, the Republican candidate for District 26, said most of the people she has spoken with during her door-to-door campaign believe the state should no longer fight Yucca Mountain. 'We shouldn't think of ourselves as a nuclear wasteland, we should think of ourselves as a recycle land,' Angle said, adding that the state should seek compensation in the form of transportation or storage fees." [Reno Gazette-Journal, 10/2/2002]

Angle: "Yucca Mountain Has Some Real Potential." In a September 2009 interview on Face to Face with Jon Ralston, Angle said, "Yucca Mountain has some real potential. I think that you know, we have some research and development that should be going on and be looking at how to reprocess that. You know, we're thinking about this in like 19th century terms, that we don't have the technology to really take care of what's coming into our state and we should really look at the potential there. Well at least take a look at it, instead of demonizing it and demogoging it, the way Harry Reid has." [Face to Face, 9/23/2009]

Angle Supports Bringing Nuclear Waste Into Nevada. During a September 2009 campaign event, Angle said, "We have right up the road... I used to live closer to TTR than you guys... closer to Yucca Mountain, and we have technology that France is using to reprocess. When they ship the spent fuels in... Notice I'm covering my words very carefully. When they ship these spent fuels in, we should be looking at the technologies to recycle, to reprocess, reuse... put them into a power plant right here in the state of Nevada. We should also be looking into research and development that would explore the possibilities for these spent nuclear fuels. How can we use them the best? What can we do to get the most out of them and make them the safest? What are those things?" [Sharron Angle Campaign Event, 9/1/2009]


Angle Promoted Scientology-Based Massage and Sauna Therapy To Nevada Prisons, Funded By Tax Dollars. According to National Review, Sharron Angle wanted to bring a Scientology-based drug treatment program to Nevada that "was described in media accounts as 'sauna and massage' treatments...It was developed in part based on concepts from Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard and was estimated to cost roughly $15,000 per inmate. Angle tried to organize a trip to Ensenada prison in Mexico to see the program in action; the cost of the trip was to have been covered by a Scientologist. The trip was ultimately canceled." [National Review, 5/26/2010]

FactCheck.org: "It's True: Massages, Saunas For Inmates." In June 2010, the nonpartisan PactCheck.org wrote, "With the June 8 Nevada primary nearing, there was one TV ad in the Republican Senate race that caught our attention. It's so outlandish that we thought it couldn't possibly be true. Did former Nevada Assemblywoman Sharron Angle - a Republican backed by the Tea Party Express and the fiscally conservative Club for Growth -- sponsor legislation to create a drug rehab program for state prisoners that included saunas and massage therapy? And was that program developed by the Church of Scientology? That's what Republican Sue Lowden claims in her ad, "Prison Spa," that first aired May 29. We were skeptical, but found it to be largely true." [FactCheck.org, 6/2/2010]

Via Sam Stein: Sharron Angle: Nevada Candidate Already Providing Treasure Chest Of Goodies For Harry Reid
There was noticeable glee among supporters of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) Tuesday night. The upset victory of Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle in the Nevada Republican primary ensures that the subsequent months of campaigning will be fought as much over her record as his.


There is, indeed, a veritable treasure trove of information from which Reid and his backers can pick. And as evidence, a Democratic source sends over a few Angle bits that have yet to gain national attention but which, nevertheless, seem likely to drive a wedge between the GOP candidate and the contingent of female voters who might be intrigued by her campaign.

The first is a 1999 Associated Press piece that noted Angle's proposal of a bill that "would have required doctors to inform women seeking abortions about a controversial theory linking an increased risk of breast cancer with abortion." Angle is devoutly pro-life. But the abortion-causes-breast cancer theory is myth (spread, in part, to discourage abortions).

The second nugget provides another window into Angle's traditional-values mindset. Back on October 2009, the Tea Party favorite expressed her support for federal legislation that would define marriage as between a man and a woman. All of which is conservative mainstream ideology. But in making her case, Angle suggested pretty clearly that it is unacceptable and wrong for both parents to actually hold jobs simultaneously.

Via WaPo: Five ways Harry Reid might go after Sharron Angle
* Inflammatory rhetoric: In an interview last month with the Reno Gazette-Journal, Angle had this to say about gun laws: "What is a little bit disconcerting and concerning is the inability for sporting goods stores to keep ammunition in stock," she told the newspaper. "That tells me the nation is arming. What are they arming for if it isn't that they are so distrustful of their government? They're afraid they'll have to fight for their liberty in more Second Amendment kinds of ways. That's why I look at this as almost an imperative. If we don't win at the ballot box, what will be the next step?"

* Abolishing wide swaths of the federal government: Angle believes the U.S. Education Department should be abolished, as she explains on her campaign Web site: "Sharron Angle believes that the Federal Department of Education should be eliminated. The Department of Education is unconstitutional and should not be involved in education, at any level." Angle went further in an interview with a Nevada online publication, writing that she favored the termination of the Energy Department, the EPA and much of the IRS tax code; complete elimination of the National Endowment for the Arts, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

* Yucca Mountain: Angle supports the permanent storage of highly radioactive nuclear waste in this cavernous mountain 100 miles northwest of Las Vegas. It has long been a bipartisan matter for the Silver State's congressional delegation to oppose the Yucca Mountain storage plan. Reid has touted his ability to kill the plan to store the waste at Yucca as the single most important thing he's done for his state since becoming Democratic leader in 2005. Here's how she described her support in the interview with the online publication: "For nearly twenty years, I have been in favor of Yucca Mountain as a profitable center." Reid's campaign is sure to ask Angle, since she has proposed abolishing the DOE, who would oversee the nuclear waste stored at Yucca.

* God and guns: At her coming out party in Washington -- at a "tea party" event April 15 at the National Press Club -- Angle invoked God and guns as her leading issues. It's unclear how such views will play statewide in a general election, given that local polling shows fewer than 20 percent of voters aligning themselves with the tea party. "You know, I feel a little lonely today, I usually bring Smith and Wesson along, and I have to tell you I'm going to give Washington, D.C., a lesson in the Constitution, especially the second amendment. But I didn't come alone today. I brought God -- always bring him -- and I brought my husband of 40 years, Ted Angle. Now, I subscribe to the KISS principle, Keep It Simple, Sharron. The solutions to the problems that we have with our economy are as simple as: pay it back, cut back and take back."

* Global isolationism: Angle has called for the United States to withdraw from the United Nations. Again, from her campaign Web site: "The UN. has been captured by the far left and has become ineffective and costly. The UN. continually threatens US. sovereignty, with endless rhetoric and treaties and it has now become the 'umpire' on fraudulent science, such as global warming. The United State needs to withdraw from the United Nations and work solely with America's willing allies."

Margret Carlson: Prison Massages Beat Chicken Barter at Polls

Nevadans just chose the most extreme candidate on the GOP ballot to run against Reid, the Democratic leader in the U.S. Senate. And no, it’s not the chicken-barter lady, Sue Lowden.


As with Paul, most voters didn’t know about Angle’s marginal views before electing her.

It’s unlikely Paul would have pulled off his upset victory over Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson had he emphasized his support for re-segregating lunch counters or defended BP Plc on the grounds that “accidents happen.” Similarly, Angle would have had a much harder time had voters focused on her desire to downsize government in ways even the angriest Nevadan might question.

For instance, no matter how sick and tired they might be of Reid, Nevadans might pause before abolishing the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy, especially in the midst of the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. And the current economy is a hard one in which to push phasing out Social Security. Even in a state where the casino is king, people worried about their shrinking 401(k)s may not be anxious, with the market taking a dramatic drop this month, to gamble away Social Security’s sure thing.


Angle’s advocacy of barebones government programs comes with at least one curious exception.

After touring a prison in Mexico that provides massages for prisoners as part of a detox program seemingly modeled on one created by the Church of Scientology, Angle tried to organize a second trip of legislators. When that became public, she quickly scrubbed the trip, as well as references on her website to Scientologists -- so it was bye-bye to actresses Kelly Preston (John Travolta’s wife) and Jenna Elfman.

The Hill: Harry Reid, Sharron Angle and the end of the Tea Party myth
Will voters favor a candidate who supports saunas and massages for criminals, opposes Social Security and Medicare for seniors and fights against jobless benefits and jobs programs for workers? Don’t bet on it, in Nevada or any other state. Mark the Nevada Senate campaign as leaning blue. The fad of the polyester populists of the right, who will vote like bank lobbyists in Congress, will soon come to an end.

The great Nevada campaign will prove the point I have been making all year. The Tea Party movement may control the Republican Party at the cost of losing many general elections. It is the oldest and truest timeless rule of politics. Voters oppose the status quo, but oppose extremism even more.


While Harry Reid's record, with all of its pros and cons and controversies, is very public and at the center of the arena, Sharron Angle will now be the greatest Google in national politics. Just watch what people will find, which I found.

Angle is an opinionated ideologue, and the strange positions keep pouring out, on the public record. She has virtual contempt for unemployment insurance, scorn for Medicare, opposition for even minimal Wall Street reform, tolerance for mortgage fraud, opposition to Social Security and support for the nuclear waste dangers of Yucca Mountain, which Reid has successfully fought against.

At various moments Angle has suggested that abortion causes breast cancer and demeaned workers in the Nevada hospitality industry.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your Google. It's all there, and more!
Las Vegas Sun: Sharron Angle wins; Harry Reid gets race he wanted
Known as a staunch conservative, Angle now faces the challenge of appealing to the broader electorate, a task made difficult by her rigid ideology — she supports phasing out Social Security and dismantling the Education Department.


Angle’s victory represents a sort of coup for Team Reid, which plotted a years-long strategy to shape Nevada’s electoral landscape, necessitated in part by the senator’s low approval ratings. Most recently, his campaign played an active role in the GOP primary, hammering away on one-time front-runner Sue Lowden. The relentless attacks, compounded by the candidate’s own gaffes, caused a steep slide for Lowden, a former state senator and Nevada Republican Party chairwoman who had argued that she was the most competitive contender against Reid.


Angle won the endorsements of influential outside groups, including the Tea Party Express and the Club for Growth, which in turn poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into TV ads to boost Angle’s threadbare campaign. In a month’s time, Angle, who had languished in single digits in public opinion polling, was suddenly a contender. As Republicans finished early voting last week, she had developed a clear lead, eclipsing Lowden and a third competitor, Danny Tarkanian.

“Reid couldn’t have written this better,” said David Damore, a UNLV political scientist. “They still have a fight on their hands. It’s just a different fight — and an easier fight.”

I'm sure there will be lots more on this one.


Wow! That was fast. Dems already released a video on Angle's crazy:

Looks like there won't be any interviews from Sharron Angle.

Via Jed Lewison: Angle pulls a Palin (and a Paul)

Looks like the newest darling of the far-right nutsos doesn't want to talk with the media:

In her victory speech Tuesday night, Sharron Angle challenged Harry Reid to debate the issues with her.

But she didn't want to get into the issues with the press.

Before the speech, Angle entered through a side entrance; after the speech, she exited out the back to avoid the waiting press.

When reporters intercepted her in the hallways of the casino, an Angle aide - who refused to identify himself - wouldn't allow her to answer questions.

Asked to address GOP concerns that her conservative views may not play well with independents and moderates, the aide scoffed - extending his arm and saying sternly: "She said what she said - it was all in the speech."

[...] when you've seriously said that you're uncomfortable with the legalization of alcohol, you're better off keeping your trap shut.
As Jed pointed out last night, She's a complete loon.
Harry Reid's political operation in Nevada is quietly assembling a battle plan to take on Tea Partyer Sharron Angle in the general election, presuming she beats Sue Lowden in today's GOP primary.

The strategy: Use her own words to paint her as, well, a complete whackjob. Sound familiar? That's what ground up Lowden in the wake of the chickens-for-checkups gaffe.

Exhibit A: An interview Angle gave in which she suggested she favors outlawing alcohol and supports legislating morality. This, in Nevada.

In an interview with Liberty Watch magazine, Angle expressed her opposition to legalizing marijuana, and added: "I feel the same about legalizing alcohol."

"The effect on society is so great that I'm just not a real proponent of legalizing any drug or encouraging any drug abuse," Angle said. "I'm elected by the people to protect, and I think that law should protect."

Asked whether legislating morality is appropriate, she added: "I don't think you can get away from that; people just make value judgments. We're not a neutral society. Politics, especially, are not neutral and no one can come to the table value-less or moral-less."

Reid allies will point out the absurdity of someone who wants to represent Nevada appearing to oppose legal alcohol and to support legislating morality.


Via Greg Sargent: Sharron Angle: In wake of Gulf spill, we need to "deregulate" Big Oil
Angle said in a recent interview that the Gulf spill was an "accident" and opined that we need to further "deregulate" the oil industry in the wake of the disaster.

Here's the exchange, from a Nevada Newsmakers interview on May 26th, more than a month into the spill crisis:

QUESTION: You have been in support of onshore drilling in the United States as well as offshore drilling, are you rethinking that policy with what is going on in Louisiana?

ANGLE: No. I think that what happened in Louisiana was an accident. They're cleaning it up. We need to go forward and talk about prevention and not about whether we keep it out all together. We know that lot of the problems that have been caused for us with foreign policy and even with our own gas prices here domestically going up is our dependence upon foreign oil.

We have oil reserves and petroleum reserves that we should tap into. And that's a policy that we really need to look at as a nation. How do we deregulate enough to invite our industries to come back into the United States and quit outsourcing their business?

It's astonishing how quickly a picture of Angle is taking shape as more and more info comes to light. Sam Stein, for instance, finds an Angle quote from 2009 in which she seems to suggest that it's wrong for a married man and woman to hold jobs simultaneously.

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