Meet Sharron Angle - Scientology "Second Chance" Edition

A video has shown up showing Harry Reid's far-right, teabagging opponent, Sharron Angle, in a promotional video for the highly controversial, Scientology-backed drug "rehabilitation" program, Second Chance.

Via Politico (at the 6:30 point in the video):

One of the many fronts on which the Nevada Republican Senate nominee is currently taking fire is her reported support for the Scientology-backed drug program, which sought to work in Nevada prisons. The program, Second Chance, is founded on Scientology's intense hostility to contemporary psychological practice, and it's been controversial elsewhere: Albuquerque, for instance, abruptly ended its relationship with the program, which used "vitamins and saunas" to cure drug abuse.

"These men are actually taking a hold of their future and taking control of themselves and saying, "No, this is something that I caused for myself," said Angle, who isn't identified in the video.

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