Meet Sharron Angle - Maddow, Olbermann & Mathews Edition

Over the past few weeks, Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, and Chris Matthews have done several segments devoted to far-right, Nevada teabagging senate candidate, Sharron Angle.

Rachel Maddow Edition:

Angle's oblique politics

Rachel Maddow is joined by msnbc political analyst Howard Fineman to take a look at the mix of tea party politics, Ron Paul-isms and old fashioned right-wing conspiracy theories that make up Nevada Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle's campaign platform.

Redrawing Sharron Angle

Jonathan Humbert, investigative reporter with KLAS in Las Vegas, Nevada, talks with Rachel Maddow about efforts to repackage Nevada Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle as a mainstream Republican with the hope that voters will forget her extreme history.

Angle's protracted image rehabilitation

Rachel Maddow talks with Chris Hayes about the Republican effort to clean up Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle's political image to be more suitable for mainstream (and sane) Americans.

The roots of today's new right

MSNB's Chris Matthews talks with Rachel Maddow about the resurgence of anti-communist paranoia in the American right and the thinly veiled threats of violence through "Second Amendment remedies."

Keith Olbermann Edition:
Did Nevada primary highlight tea party flaws?

Tea time: Keith Olbermann points out Senate candidate and tea party endorsed Sharron Angle’s questionable political record, which includes opposing the legalization of alcohol and her plan to phase out Social Security.

Craziness defines 2010 midterms

The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson comments on the interesting and colorful Republican and Democratic candidates heading into the midterm elections.

Chris Matthews Edition:
Angle’s views on the 2nd Amendment and Congress

Let me finish: Chris Matthews responds to the views of Sharron Angle, the Republican candidate for Senator from Nevada, who has referenced the second amendment as a way to remedy qualms with Congress.

‘Rise of the New Right’

‘Don’t Tread on Me’: The new right is an emerging fact of life in 21st century America. A common cause is a mistrust of elected government of the United States.

You can watch all parts of Chris Matthews' special, "Rise of the New Right" here.

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