This Isn't Going to End Well For Sen. Arlen Specter

Last week, Democrat Rep. Joe Sestak released this ad tying former Republican, now Democratic Senator Arlen Specter, directly to former President George W. Bush (and Half-Term Gov, Sarah Palin) .

Since then, Specter's poll numbers have tanked. Nothing like reminding Democratic primary voters who this guy really is.

Unfortunately, his attempt to salvage his chances at winning the Democratic primary next week, having President Obama cut an ad for him, might have actually made things worse.

First, look at this Arlen Specter 2004 Senatorial Campaign Ad:
Now, check out this Arlen Specter 2010 Senatorial Campaign Ad:
Notice anything similar? LOL.

TPM did a great mash-up of two ads:
"Specter now only Senator endorsed by Bush and Obama in different primaries" (Via DKTV):

Chuck Todd notes that Arlen Specter has become the answer to an obscure trivia question:

I don't think using Obama, let alone using him in the exact same way as he did with Bush in 2004, is going to be any help to Specter at all. In fact, I think it will make things worse.

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