This is Why I Don't Like Mediaite

This is a perfect example of why I don't like Dan Abrams' Mediaite. It's pure tabloid trash.

Anytime I've ever linked to the site I've left irritated - mostly because it feels like a right-wing meme machine (yes, I know Dan isn't right-wing).

They take the easiest road --whether through their headlines or in the article themselves -- knocking Democrats and President Obama with what really amounts to right-wing talking points more often than not.

It would seem it's a lot easier (and brings in more traffic of course) for Mediaite to sensationalize a topic before producing real acts of journalism, which shouldn't surprise anyone, as Abrams isn't a journalist.

Here's their latest tabloid crap which was on full display last night (via Media Matters):

Why is Mediaite pushing old, evidence-free rumors as breaking news?

Last night, the National Enquirer published a story under the headline, "OBAMA CHEATING SCANDAL."

There were obvious problems with the Enquirer's reporting. A quick Google and Nexis search, for instance, reveals that the story is little more than years-old, rehashed rumors that have long been denied and have never been supported with anything approximating credible evidence. The article was -- in the words of Mediaite's Colbly Hall -- "very thinly sourced," full of "questionable information," and "of course" not something "the Washington Post and New York Times should be reporting."

Unfortunately, that didn't stop Mediaite from blowing up the Enquirer story almost immediately.

Oh, and this is pretty much the same reason I stopped reading or linking too the Huffington Post (except for the occasional piece from journalists Sam Stein, Ryan Grim or Dan Froomkin).
At least Mediaite printed a retraction, sort-of: National Enquirer Obama Story Update: Retracts Hotel Surveillance Claim

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