Sean Hannity's Slick Spin

Sean Hannity is doing his best to turn this British Petroleum (BP) oil rig disaster into "Obama's Katrina" or "Obama's 9/11."

Unfortunately, this is about the 8th catastrophe that the Hannity's of the world have labeled, "Obama's Katrina."

It's funny how when private industry screws up on such monumental levels (see Wall Street), that conservatives believe it's up to the Federal Government to come in and save their asses.

Never mind the fact that BP kept the real facts from the Government -- for days -- about just how bad this oil rig disaster really was. It's "Obama's Katrina" for not coming in faster to clean up BP's mess!

Never mind the fact that his time-line is completely full of shit.

Sean Hannity is a moron.

UPDATE I: BP was warned of rig fault ten years ago (h/t Floridagordon).

UPDATE II (via Josh Marshall): "British Petroleum has already started hitting up folks on the Alabama coast asking them to essentially waive all future claims against the company in exchange for $5000."

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