John McCain Ad: Complete the Danged (Death Star) Fence

Sometimes it's a powerful ad that can bring the campaign of your opponent to his or her knees.

And sometimes, it's your own ad being mercilessly mocked for it's sheer idiocy and blatant attempt to use a divisive issue -- and getting it wrong -- that can bring your own campaign tumbling down.

John McCain is getting a lot of the wrong kind attention for his silly "Complete the Danged Fence" campaign ad. Not only is this sheriff not even close to be from the county where this fence is, but McCain's dialogue is being mocked, even by Rethugs, all other these here Interets:

Here's the original:

Well, high4entertainment has compiled a Star Wars spoof of McCain's ad:
This isn't going to end well what will soon be the former Senator, John McCain.

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