Elena Kagan: Conservatives "Looking for a Fight, No Matter What"

While I'm not thrilled with President Obama's choice to replace the most liberal member of the Supreme Court with someone who has no proven liberal record to speak of -- asking us to simply trust him -- by no means is Elena Kagan a terrible choice. It's just that what is known about Kagan, makes me think we are getting a moderate, not a liberal. (also see here, here, here, here, here , here, here, here & here ).

Whatever she is, the right decided long before she was chosen to attack, however ridiculously, whomever Obama named to the high court.

Via Media Matters:

Elena Kagan: "Think This Time Will Be Any Better?"

Elena Kagan: "Looking for a Fight, No Matter What"
Elana Kagan: "Day 1: Discredited Media Figures Make Discredited Smears"

Elana Kagan: "Myth: Banning Recruiters"
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