President Obama Announces Vote 2010

President Obama is set to star in a host of new videos aimed at getting the millions of new voters from the 2008 election out to the polls in 2010. The DNC plans on spending $50 million while using Organizing for America's 13 million email addresses to help Democrats, particularly endangered ones, in the upcoming midterm elections.

Via the Washington Post (h/t TPM):

President Obama will declare his stake in the November midterm elections for the first time on Monday as his Democratic Party announces an ambitious strategy to appeal to independent voters in its quest to maintain control of Congress.

Obama plans to issue a call-to-action video message to his supporters on Monday, the first in a series of personal efforts designed to rekindle the grass-roots magic that propelled him to the presidency in service to his party's congressional and gubernatorial candidates, Democratic officials said.

The keystone of the Democratic National Committee's $50 million plan for the midterms is persuading the roughly 15 million people who voted for the first time in 2008 to return to the polls this fall. Although such voters historically do not cast ballots in midterm elections, party leaders think their participation this year could help lift Democrats over the top in close contests.

Here is the first video:

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