Olbermann: Tancredo Says Obama is Hiding His Birth Certificate?

Tom Tancredo's has a new new theory about President Obama's birth certificate: Essentially, it's the "you made me hit you" defense.

You see, in Tancredo's paranoia, President Obama does have a birth certificate, but he's deliberately keeping it hidden to make teabaggers look crazy.

Talking to Alan Colmes, this is how he explained it (via Think Progress):

TANCREDO: Now they very well not want to show it because they want to propagate this whole thing that’s going on about birthers. … They may be doing it for that reason; I don’t know why they don’t want anyone to see it. … They want it propagated because you know –

COLMES: It makes your party look nuts!

TANCREDO: Yeah well maybe that’s why they don’t produce document, I don’t know.

Listen here (starting at 8:22):

Keith Olbermann had a few words about this on last night's Countdown during his "Tea Time" segment:
Helping Tea Partiers Look Crazy

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