Rep. Alan Grayson Introduces his Simple, 4-Page "Medicare for All" Bill (UPDATED)

Rep. Alan Grayson introduced a rather simple 4-page bill that would allow anyone to buy into Medicare:

This is Rep. Alan Grayson arguing for a vote for HR 4789, a bill to allow anyone to buy into Medicare


Via Chris Bowers (Open Left):
Grayson rapidly picking up cosponsors for Medicare buy-in

The bill currently has ten co-sponsors. Notably, I have learned that these co-sponsors were gathered in only 15 minutes, making one co-sponsor for every 90 seconds of effort. That is a pretty good pace.


The Medicare buy-in proposal has, it would appear, significantly more support than a new, stand along public option. In December, only two members of the Senate sort of opposed to it--Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson. Lieberman, however, had publicly supported the idea as recently as September, and only changed his mind to stick a fork in the eyes of progressives. Nelson didn't even declare his outright opposition, just indicated that he was worried about it. Every other member of the Democratic Senate caucus appeared to reach an agreement on a Medicare buy-in.

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