Pro-Choice Group EMILY's Tells Blanche Lincoln to 'Go Fuck Herself'

Her supporters in previous elections have been dropping like flies. Now EMILY's List has told Conservdem Senator Blanche Lincoln to go fuck herself.

Despite an ever-strengthening primary challenge from Lt. Gov. Bill Halter, Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) still has plenty of powerful friends in Washington. But after today, Lincoln can't count EMILY's List, one of the strongest support networks for pro-choice women candidates in the country, among her allies.

In a strongly-worded rebuke of Lincoln on the the group's blog this morning, EMILY's List chair Ellen Malcolm rejected the woman whom her group once counted among its rising stars.

"Since she wasn't there for us," Malcom wrote, "we won't be there for her."

EMILY's list supported Lincoln in 1998, when she first won her seat in the Senate. But this time, Malcolm says she has a very different response when asked what EMILY's List will do to help Lincoln win.

"My answer? Nothing," Malcolm writes.


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