OMG: Sheriff Arms/Trains Locals for Malitia to "Battle Terrorists & Other Enemies" in "Operation Exodus" (UPDATED 2x)

Just when you thought you've seen everything, there's this lunacy (via TPM):

A Louisiana sheriff plans to arm volunteers with shotguns, riot shields, batons, and a .50-caliber machine gun mounted on a "war wagon," as part of "Operation Exodus," a program to provide security in the event of a terrorist attack or civic unrest. "It's a calling," he says.

The office of Sheriff Larry Deen of Bossier Parish, near Shreveport in the northwest part of the state, last month selected for the program 200 local residents -- mostly ex-law-enforcement personnel -- and began training them in "defensive techniques in the event of a struggle," reports the Shreveport Times. The plan calls for the new recruits to be sent to protect food from grocery stores, gas from gas stations, and other crucial local resources, should the situation demand it.

The press release added that Operation Exodus got its name in part "because of its Biblical relevance," explaining that "[i]n the book of Exodus, the Israelites were totally on their own, learning to be self-sufficient and handle everything alone, just as the plan provides."

read TPM's full piece - it's fascinating!

Uh-huh. No state of paranoia to see here. Please move on (via TPM):
Sheriff's Office Training Militia, Claims Intel On Local Terror Cells

The office of the Louisiana sheriff who's forming a citizen militia to defend the parish in the event of a terrorist attack says it has information about possible Islamic terrorist activity in its midst.

"We understand, based on some intelligence that we've collected over the last year, year and a half, that there have been cells and people operating even within our parish that have been trained as terrorists or went overseas to be trained as terrorists," Ed Baswell, a spokesman for the Bossier Parrish Sheriff's Office, told TPMmuckraker this morning.


Baswell described the intelligence as "just tidbits of information we've gotten over time."

Baswell said that the 9/11 attacks had orginally given Sheriff Deen the idea to come up with an emergency security plan. "This plan really came into being because of 9/11, and the sheriff's belief that if there were a natural or man-made disaster, that the federal government would be so tied up ... that they might not be able to send help to Bossier Parish," he said. "So the sheriff wanted to Bossier Parish to be self sufficient."

But Baswell was eager to make a larger point. "It tells us that these are the kinds of thing we can't assume are happening far, far away," he said. "Terrorists can tend to strike anywhere and everywhere."

"There's not a state of paranoia, or anything like that," he added.


Also Via TPM:
TPM's Zachary Roth Talks Louisiana Citizens Militia With Contessa Brewer


Rachel Maddow had a segment on this lunacy on last night's show. Frank Schaeffer, author of "Crazy for God," joined her to discuss. the meaning behind "Operation Exodus."
Local firepower and the threat of the end of the world

Also....Surprise! Gun nuts support "Operation Exodus."

Via TPM:
Gun-Rights Extremists Praise 'Operation Exodus' Sheriff: 'This Will Save Lives!'

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