Militias More Connected to Right-Wing, Christian Terrorist Group, Hutaree, Than They Claim

On last night's show, Rachel Maddow also reported on that right-wing, Christian terrorist group, Hutaree, and how they are much more connected to other, run-of-the-mill militia group than previously reported by the media or acknowledged by those other anti-government extremists who all seem to be hellbent on, as the teabaggers would say, “taking their country back.”

Militias more connected than they claim

March 30: The common wisdom congealing around the Hutaree story is that the militia members are part of some off-shoot, unique, religious cult that has nothing to do with anything else. Rachel Maddow scratches the surface of the story with Crooks and Liar’s David Neiwert and finds that common wisdom falls apart.

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