Message to McCain: What Goes Around Comes Around

Poor John McCain. The very tactics he unleashed on this country during his failed White House bid against Barack Obama -- embodied in a religious zealot, half term gov from Alaska -- are now being used against him (also see here, here & here).

Here's is what amouonts to the first real salvo of attacks from McCain's right flank by his primary challenger, nutter-birther-teabagger J.D. Hayworth. This ad appeared on Drudge yesterday.

And John, it's only going to get worse from here.

Lawrence O'Donnell, filling in for Keith Olbermann, and Richard Wolffe, discuss this and McCain's response on last night's Countdown:
McCain defends his Senate seat

March 5: Facing a tough primary battle in Arizona, Sen. John McCain enlisted Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass., to campaign on his behalf and galvanize conservative support. Msnbc political analyst Richard Wolffe discusses.

You created these monsters, McCain. You gave them the green light to come out from the shadows. And now they're coming after you using the same vile, reprehensible tactics your thriller from Wasilla employed during the 2008 campaign and beyond.

What Goes around comes around and you, are definitely going round.

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