Maddow Takes Out Full-Page Ad in Boston Globe to Say She's Not Running for Senate

A couple of days ago, Rachel Maddow confront newly elected Senator, Scott Brown, for sending out a fundraising letter claiming that Maddow was about to run against him in 2012. He was trying to scare conservatives across the country into donating to his campaign.

Well, Rachel has now gone a step further. She’s taken out a full page ad of her own in her hometown paper, the Boston Globe.

The full-page ad emphatically states that she's not running against Republican Sen. Scott Brown in 2012. You can see the full letter below.

On last night’s Rachel Maddow show, Rachel explained why she took this unusual step:

Rachel Maddow not running or not running?

March 25: In an effort to put an end to Senator Scott Brown using Rachel Maddow as a fundraising scam, The Rachel Maddow Show offers Brown a campaign ad of their own.

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