Maddow: "Senator Brown, you're lying"

Rachel Maddow has been in a kerfuffle with newly elected Massachusetts Senator Scoot brown , over his fear-mongering fund-raising letter claiming he's about to be challenged by MSNBC's Rachel Maddow.

Rachel not only took issue with him on her show, but took out a full page ad in the Boston globe to expose Brown for the fear-monger that he is.

Unfortunately, rather than apologize, Brown dug in, as you will see in the segment from last night's show, which forced Rachel to just come right out and call him a liar:

Maddow: ‘Senator Brown, you’re lying’

March 30: Rachel Maddow fires back at Sen. Scott Brown for the fundraising lies he repeats about her alleged Senate challenge, his staff’s denial that the Rachel Maddow Show had called his office, and his delusions about being a topic that boosts the show’s ratings.

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