Maddow, I'll See Your "Best. Graph. Ever." and Raise You a Deficit Graph AND Deficit Pie Chart:

Rachel Maddow submits this as the Best. Graph. Ever.:

Consider three bills -- two of them passed under budget reconciliation, the third heading for budget reconciliation. Each had an effect on the fiscal health of the nation, calculated by the Congressional Budget Office. The first two, the tax cuts pushed by President George W. Bush, blew a hole in the budget. The third, the Senate's health reform bill? As you can see from the CBO projects, that's a different story.

Well, Rachel, I'll see your "Best. Graph. Ever." and raise you a deficit graph AND deficit pie chart:

Republicans Spent 82% of the $11 Trillion U.S. Debt (That's $8.8 Trillion for You Teabaggers):

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What (Who) Really Caused the Budget Deficit? Hint, It's Not Barack Obama.:


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