Maddow: GOP Goes 'Nuclear' w/ Health Reform Distortions & Reconciliation Hypocrisy

Last night, Rachel Maddow ripped Republicans for their attempts to conflate the reconciliation process with the so-called "the nuclear option." It was great.

Republicans go 'nuclear' with health reform distortions

March 1: DNC chair Tim Kaine talks with Rachel Maddow about the lengths to which Republicans will go in their opposition to reforming health care in America, including a disinformation campaign on the American public to conflate the reconciliation process with "the nuclear option."

Then on tonight’s show, she did it again. Addressing the out-right blatant lies & outright hypocrisy over the use of reconciliation, she paid particular attention to Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch. John McCain and Chuck Grassley played supporting roles:
Senators abandon honor to block health reform

March 2: Rachel Maddow takes Orin Hatch and other Republicans to task for lying about reconciliation and denying their own voting records on the matter in order to obstruct the passage of health reform.

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