Latest NY Poll Shows Why Harold Ford Won't Run: Gillibrand's 50% v Ford's 19%

The real reason Harold Ford, Jr. didn't jump in to the NY Senate primary, contrary to his whining about Party bosses (h/t Dkos):

In a Marist Poll completed last night, Gillibrand put a little more distance between herself and the former Tennessee Congressman in a hypothetical contest for the nomination. 50% of New York Democratic voters would have backed Gillibrand. 19% reported, however, they would have supported Ford, and labor activist Jonathan Tasini would have taken just 3% of the vote. 28% of Democrats were unsure.

When The Marist Poll last asked this question in early February, 44% of Democrats reported they backed Gillibrand, 27% threw their support behind Ford, and 4% said they were going to cast their ballot for Tasini. 25%, at the time, were unsure.


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