Jon Stewart's Epic Glenn Beck Parody‎ (UPDATED)

If you didn't get to see this Jon Stewart segment, you really missed something. Stewart, using Glenn Beck's stick, lampooned the Fox "news" mental patient for half the show Thursday night.

From chalk boards & hidden meaning in words to Nazism and the ultimate conclusion, using Beck's warped logic, that theocracy must be the end result of Conservatism & Libertarianism, Jon Stewart lambasted Beck and his hysterical, mentally unhinged fear-mongering from beginning to end.

It became a classic not even midway through the segment.

Part I:

Intro: Progressivism Is Cancer

If you miss this important show about the cancer that is destroying America, you might die.

Part II:
Full Segment: Conservative Libertarian

Glenn Beck didn't want to have to tell you that people who believe in safety belts are killing America.


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Jon Stewart dismantles conspiracist Beck

But check out Glenn Beck trying to act like it was good for his cause:

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