"Jihad Jane" is a White, Blond-Haired, Blue-Eyed Female Terrorist From Philadelphia

This sort of kills the right-wing meme -- propagated by everyone from Sarah Palin & Newt Gingrich to Rep. Peters King & Senator Jim Inhofe -- that all terrorists are Muslim and should be profiled, no?

From Think Progress:

[...] yesterday the Department of Justice brought terrorism charges against a “petite” blond-haired, blue-eyed 46-year-old American woman. Colleen Renee LaRose — who called herself “Jihad Jane” — “has been quietly held in U.S. custody since October on suspicions that she provided material support to terrorists and traveled to Sweden to launch an attack” against cartoonists who depicted the Prophet Mohammed. The Washington Post reports:

LaRose, who lived in suburban Philadelphia, allegedly recruited men and women in the United States, Europe and South Asia to “wage violent jihad,” according to an indictment issued in Pennsylvania. She fueled her interests on the Internet over the past few years and used Web sites such as YouTube to post increasingly agitated messages, the court papers said.

As an American citizen whose appearance and passport allowed her to blend into Western society, LaRose represents one of the worst fears of intelligence and FBI analysts focused on identifying terrorist threats. She is one of only a handful of women to be charged with terrorism offenses in the United States, national security experts said.

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