HILARIOUS: Teabaggers Exposed

Check out this video compilation of interviews with Teabaggers during the last health care protest in Washington D.C. It's hysteical and pathetic all at the same time

Our good buddies at New Left Media have done another great video. This time, they went to the Teabagger protests in Washington earlier this week. As usual, Chase and Erick knock it out of the ballpark by simply asking the protesters the simplest of questions. These guys are college undergrads. They're ditching classes to make these videos. No one is funding them. Someone needs to step up and hand these boys a large check. You can start by making a donation via PayPal here. (NB: Their camera alone costs them a bundle to rent every time they do this - and no, you can't use a Flip cam and get this good of video, and then editing.)

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