Gov Howard Dean: Support Alan Grayson, a Congressman w/ Guts

A message from Gov Howard Dean: SUPPORT REP. ALAN GRAYSON!

The spirit of Harry Truman has been reincarnated in Congressman Alan Grayson. When the Republicans last year were whipping the President’s healthcare plan with one lie after another, one Congressman With Guts stood up to them: Congressman Alan Grayson.

Congressman Alan Grayson comes from a district gerrymandered to elect a Republican. He’s the first Democrat to represent downtown Orlando in 34 years. Sarah Palin came to Orlando last week, and told Republicans to "take him out." But he’s not afraid of her, or anyone else. In his first year in office, Alan Grayson has joined the Mount Rushmore of progressive Democrats with a conscience. Because he speaks the truth.

Alan Grayson has stood up for us. Now I’m standing up for him. I’ve made a video, explaining why I’m supporting Alan Grayson. Please watch it, and show it to your friends. Every one of us who has a head, and a heart.

The moneybomb is today!

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