GOP Campaign Memo: Bite Your Tongue on Social Issues (Just In Order To Win)

The GOP's plan to bamboozle the public into believe they are not as extreme as they really are? Don't mention social issues during this election cycle. Americans are stupid enough that this might just work.

From Michael Jones at GayRights.Change.Org:

Looks like some within the Republican Party have a secret plan to win back Congress and perhaps even the White House in 2012: Be quiet about social issues.

Quiet, of course, doesn't mean ignore them. It just means that instead of being public about things like opposition to gay marriage, opposition to reproductive rights, or opposition to gay adoption, Republican candidates have a better shot at winning if they keep those conversations to a minimum, give a wink and a nudge to religious conservatives, and try to paint a picture of productive moderation.

So says GOP campaign strategist Cameron Lynch, who points to Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell as a perfect example of executing this strategy. McDonnell, in many respects, makes Pat Robertson look liberal. One of McDonnell's first actions as Governor was to deny LGBT state employees anti-discrimination protections. And let's not forget Bob McDonnell's college thesis where he blamed welfare for accelerating homosexuality and promiscuity, and trashed on working women.


Lynch makes this point crystal clear.

"Focusing on the issues, and not on religious or social warfare, as Gov. McDonnell did, is the most likely pathway to success for Republicans in 2010," Lynch writes.

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