Glenn Beck vs. Christianity & "Social Justice"

In his never ending crusade against Progressives, Glenn Beck really stepped in it this time. He took to his radio show last week to plead with his Christian listeners to leave their church if that see or hear the words "social justice" anywhere in their church, on their website or from their pastors lips, it was "code language for Marxism." He also compared some churches to the Nazis.

Beck: Question church leaders who are "basing their religion on social justice"

You can read more about it in the Media Matters piece Beck attacks social justice.

Well, Christian leaders have responded.

Here's Rev. Jim Wallis on Friday night's Countdown:
Beck takes on Christians

March 12: Rev. Jim Wallis explains why some religious leaders are advising their followers to stop listening to Glenn Beck after the Fox News host compared some churches to Nazis.

Here's the invitation Rev. Jim Wallis was talking about (as well as other pieces on this incident via HuffPo:
A Long Island, New York Church also took issue with Beck's lunacy (via CNN):
Wantagh Memorial Congregational Church Responds Back

The Wantagh Memorial Congregational Church, Wantagh, NY (Long Island), posted the sign in response to Mr. Beck's radical views. The Wantagh Memorial Congregational Church is a parish of the United Church of Christ. The Rev. Ron Garner is its pastor.

Here's more from CNN.com: Evangelical leader takes on Beck for assailing social justice churches

ABC World news did a segment on it last night as well (via Media Matters):
You can also read ABC's piece, "Christians Rip Glenn Beck Over 'Social Justice' Slam: Right-Wing Host Conflates Christian 'Social Justice' With Nazism, Communism."

Think Progress covered the CNN report as well:
Church Uses Marquee To Speak Out Against Beck: ‘Sorry Mr Beck, Jesus Preached Social Justice’
The NY Times covered it as well.
Here are a couple of BeliefNet pieces (here & here).

Rev. James Martin, S.J. took Beck on in a Huffington Post piece: Glenn Beck to Jesus: Drop Dead

Ed Kilgore also took Beck to task in his HuffPo editorial: Jesus At the Tea Party

Of course Beck is now trying to backtrack, sort of:
Beck backtracks: Social justice in which "you empower yourself to go out and help the poor" is permissible
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