Epic Win! Student Turns Westboro Baptist Church Hate Fest Into Fundraiser!

Just tell me this kid isn't brilliant! Sometimes the answer to a big problem is so simple you have to wonder why no one thought of this before. Enter Jason Connell, UIC student who decided not to the a Fred Phelp's Westboro Baptist Church hate fest go to waste. During a recent protest, Jason set up camp and started raising money for gay right's groups. Well, let's let him explain.

Via dogstar7:

UIC student Jason Connell used the appearance of the hate group to raise money for queer rights groups such as Human Rights Campaign, International AIDS Foundation and Chicago based Jerusalem Open House. Donations were named in honor of the Westboro Baptist Church and community thank you cards will be sent from the non-profits to WBC leader Fred Phelps. Connell called it a, "Lemons to Lemonade" situation.

This kid is going places. Epic win indeed!

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