David Plouffe Gets Deep Under Karl Rove's Hide (UPDATED)

Rove basically filibustered the interview, but in truth, Plouffe's less was definitively a lot more when you see how ridiculous Rove looked Via Crooks & Liars:

Rove loses his cool in debate with Obama aide Holding a whiteboard and yelling about the cost of health care reform, former Senior Bush advisor Karl Rove melted down on ABC's This Week Sunday. Rove faced off against David Plouffe, one of President Barack Obama's senior advisors.

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Rover reminds me of a child molester/rapist who ends up blaming the victim for his crimes.

Added bonus:

Luke Russert, referring to his father, the late Tim Russert, tweeted this about Karl Rove's use of the whiteboard:
"With all due respect to Mr. Rove, a man I find quite personable, a breakdown of #s on a whiteboard should only be done by 1 man."
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