Consequences: Health Care Vote Switchers To Get No W.H. or Union Re-Election Help in 2010

The White House, and the Unions, won't be helping Democrats who switched their Health Care Reform vote from "Yes" to "No," during their re-elect campaigns:. It was bad enough that there were Democrats who stood firmly in the way of this legislation, but these five outdid them all by switching their votes.

Senior White House and organized labor officials are warning the handful of House Democrats who supported health care legislation last year only to oppose the final measure on Sunday that they shouldn’t expect assistance for their reelection campaigns this fall.

The five who switched from yes to no — Reps. Michael Arcuri of New York, Marion Berry of Arkansas, Daniel Lipinski of Illinois, Stephen Lynch of Massachusetts and Zack Space of Ohio — have so annoyed top Democrats that there is also open talk of finding opponents to ensure they pay a steep political price for changing their vote.

“We’re looking at candidates we can trust to run against them, either through a primary or in the general election,” said Service Employees International Union Secretary-Treasurer Anna Burger, noting that recruitment conversations were already under way.

Of the five who switched, Burger said flatly, “They should not expect help from us.”

And neither will the base of the party.

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