Bill Halter's Latest Ad: "Many Voices"

Perhaps you haven't heard, but Corp. Conservadem Senator Blanche Lincoln is going down, and Arkansas Lt. Gov Bill Halter is going to have the pleasure of doing it.

Here's Halters latest TV ad:

"Many Voices"

Folks across Arkansas are talking about why they support Bill Halter's campaign for U.S. Senate.

Here are a couple of radio spots that went up this week as well:
Bill Halter Radio Ad: On Our Side

"On Our Side" features State Representative Otis Davis (D-Earle) and talks about Halters championing of the Scholarship Lottery.

Bill Halter Radio Ad: Opportunity

"Opportunity" features Jefferson County Justice of the Peace Jimmy Lee Fisher, Sr. (D-Pine Bluff) and highlights Halters record of fighting special interests attempts to privatize Social Security when he led the Social Security Administration.

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Bill Halter for Senate

You can also follow him on YouTube: BillHalterTV

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