Bill Halter Supports Reconciliation & Public Option; Says P.O. Will Be a Campaign Issue


In an interview with me just now, Halter made it official: He fully supports the public option, and expects it to be an issue in the campaign.

Asked directly if he supported a public plan that would give folks access to Medicare or something like it, Halter answered: “Yes.”

“If you give individuals the opportunity to voluntarily buy into a system like Medicare, there is broad support for that,” Halter said.

Asked directly whether he’d back a reconciliation vote on the public option — and the use of reconciliation in general to pass reform, which Lincoln has hedged on — Halter answered Yes on both counts.

“Reconciliation has been used multiple times not just on tax bills but on health bills,” he said.

Asked whether Lincoln’s hedging on these issues ill serves her constituents, Halter said: “We have a difference of opinion,” adding: “I think that that’s gonna be an issue of course in this campaign.”

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