$1,000,000 Raised for Bill Halter to Take Down Corp. Conservadem Blanche Lincoln

With the help of MoveOn.org, Daily Kos, Democracy for America, and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, $1,000,000 was raised for Bill Halter, within 48 hours, to defeat corporate Conservadem Blanche Lincoln.

Via Adam Green:

This is actually some breaking news: MoveOn.org, Daily Kos, Democracy for America, and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee have reached:

$1,000,000 raised for Bill Halter to defeat corporate Democrat Blanche Lincoln.

Our goal for one week was met in 48 hours!

[Insert balloon dropping, bells, and whistles here...hmm, and cowbell.]

MoveOn raised the lion's share from their vast 5 million person membership. Daily Kos, PCCC, and DFA raised six-digits together.

And it continues by the minute. If you haven't donated to Halter yet, get your feet with with a $2 contribution today...trust me, it'll feel good. :)

Blanche Lincoln is so scared, she's already lying about Bill Halters position on a Public Option, hoping to drive a wedge between the party base and her challenger.

Not. Going. To. Happen. Bitch.

Here's what Halter told the Plum Line's Greg Sargent: Lincoln’s Challenger: I Support Public Plan, And It Will Be Issue In Campaign

Asked directly if he supported a public plan that would give folks access to Medicare or something like it, Halter answered: "Yes."

...Asked directly whether he’d back a reconciliation vote on the public option — and the use of reconciliation in general to pass reform, which Lincoln has hedged on — Halter answered Yes on both counts.

Here' what Sam Stein reported: Exclusive: Halter Takes On Lincoln, Offers Support For Public Plan

On health care -- the most contentious issue of the day and the most divisive one when it comes to Lincoln's standing in the Democratic Party -- Halter struck a decidedly more progressive pose than Lincoln...

"I do think that we need greater competition," Halter said. "I do believe that we ought to offer an option to the public. They get hung up on the words 'public option' and there's been a real messaging problem there. People don't know what that really means, so let me try to use an alternative formulation to tell you what I think people would respond to, and that is give the public the option, on a voluntary basis, to buy into a program like Medicare."

Here's what TPM is reporting: True Blue? TPM Asks Bill Halter: How Progressive Are You?
Card check:

Halter said he would have been "inclined to support" the version of EFCA that Lincoln rejected, but he stressed to me today that arguments over that bill are essentially a moot point.

"The fact is, the discussions have moved beyond that," he said. Halter said that he supports current union-backed efforts to revise EFCA to make it easier for workers to unionize by speeding up the elections process and making it tougher for employers to stand in the way.

"The final language hasn't been emerged yet," Halter said, "but the fact is, we do need to provide working men and women with the ability to come together and decide whether or not they want to be represented in a union."

Public Option:

On this topic, Halter was very clear -- he supports a robust public option, modeled on Medicare, that would compete directly with insurance companies. He said that if he were in the Senate today, he'd support using reconciliation to add a public option into the current Senate bill.


When I asked him about the EPA ban, Halter was direct. "No," he said when I asked if he would joined with Murkowski's efforts to weaken the agency as Lincoln did.

read the full piece...
Like I said: Not. Going. To. Happen. Bitch.

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