WTF Happened to "Shuster Live!" MSNBC? Did You Stop David From Tweeting? (UPDATED)


For one thing, I never heard back from either Phil Griffin or Steve Capus.

But that's not why I'm updating. Last night, Shuster had a technical glitch on Twitter that caused his private DM's (direct message) to go public.

It's actually a known glitch that happens when people try to send their Twitter DM's, while texting. The tweets have since been deleted.

It caused an uproar of support, since it because obvious that the stories & rumors were in fact true: That he was being prevented from tweeting. If I can find the tweets somewhere, I'll post them.
I've contacted MSNBC Chairman, Phil Griffin & NBC President, Steve Capus for comment.
On Friday, MSNBC's David Shuster announced that his 3 pm show would now be called "Shuster live" beginning today.

That didn't happen.

Shuster also has stopped tweeting.


Has MSNBC now suspended Shuster from tweeting because of his twitter war with O'Keefe?

O'Keefe tweeted, "I am a journalist, the truth will set me free."

Shuster responded on twitter the way every real journalist feels about that clown. And does all of this relate to the delay of the name "Shuster live?"

Can you imagine FOX suspending ANYONE for ANYTHING, let alone calling out a lowlife like James O'Keefe?

Grow a fucking pair, MSNBC.

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