Winger on Winger Violence: Jonah Goldberg Attacks Andrew Breitbart

I'm sure he meant this as a compliment....

"He doesn't always come across as a crack addict on ten espressos"
Via Media Matters:
From a February 20 speech at CPAC 2010 by NRO editor-at-large Jonah Goldberg:

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Check out this sick encounter someone had with Breibart as reported by Bloggasm's Simon Owens: Andrew Breitbart’s war with progressive bloggers:
While much attention has been given to the conservative’s attacks on traditional media outlets –through his Big Government site, interviews on MSNBC, and speeches at CPAC — he has been actively and aggressively going after bloggers and social media users who criticize him, a trend that has only intensified as more and more controversies surround James O’Keefe III in the wake of his arrest in Louisiana.

“There’s no question that when O’Keefe got busted trying to tamper with a US senator’s phone, it kind of freaked Breitbart out,” Brad Friedman, who owns the progressive Brad Blog, told me. Friedman has been on the forefront of reporting on issues and revelations surrounding O’Keefe, including the recent bombshell that the young conservative never actually dressed as a pimp when he went into ACORN offices, a fact that even Breitbart has been forced to acknowledge. He has also been a frequent recipient of the conservative’s scorn, especially via @ replies on his Twitter account. At one point he even jokingly suggested that Friedman should be subjected to capital punishment.


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