The Welcome Home Project

There are lots of causes out there, but The Welcome Home Project seems to a little more worthy. Right now, when you donate to The Welcome Home Project, your donation will be matched dollar for dollar.

If you have the time, check their site out, watch the video and if you agree that this is a worthy cause, follow the link to their financial sponsor to make a donation.

You can also follow them on Twitter: @whveterans

From The Welcome Home Project:

The Welcome Home Project Mission is to bridge the historic gap between veterans (including their families) and the civilian communities in which they live. The Welcome Home Project will catalyze meetings and conversations between vets and civilians by promotion of the film Voices of Vets in local communities around the country. It is also our goal to promote:

* Local civilian communities coming together to create significant welcoming ceremonies of their own, so that the veteran’s truths and traumas can be witnessed, heard and better understood by the general public.

* Communities of other veterans who can share experiences and support one another in ways that no one else can, because they have been there.

* Frameworks that help vets create meaning from their experiences, whether they be myths, religious traditions, the arts, rituals, or stories of other vets.
* Other important programs around the country that support veterans and their families.


Great News! We have been gifted a a Two-For-One Matching Challenge of $33,000 from RSF Finance. For each two dollars raised, ONE DOLLAR WILL BE ADDED, a potential total gift of $99,000!

Please visit The Marion Institute, our new Fiscal Sponsor to support this important project.

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