Video Highlights From Obama's Health Care Summit

Here are some of the best moments from yesterday's Health Care Summit. The GOP came with their talking points (blank page, start over, abortion!, Reconciliation, Unfair!), but President Obama & the Democrats came armed with facts. Obama dismantled each & every right-wing. fear-mongering talking point -- point by point -- and by the end of the summit you could see on their faces the GOP's utter contempt for him and the television cameras.

My favorite moment -- there are several to choose from really -- has to be Nancy Pelosi's closing. This woman has brass balls. If you want to know why heath care reform is going to pass, and be better than it would have been otherwise, look no further than the Speaker of the House. Just look at the faces. House Minority Leader John Boenher looks like he's been constipated for three days.

The worst moment (for the star of that moment that is) has to be Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's complaining how much time each side had. He was actually counting the minutes.

Obama v "Dr." Sen, John Barrasso: ""You are entitled to your opinion, but not your own facts" (via Organizing for America):

Obama v Sen. Lamar Alexander's Health Care Claims as "Not Factually Accurate" (via TPM):

Obama v Sen. John McCain: "We’re not campaigning anymore. The election’s over" (via CBS):

Obama vs. Sen, John Kyl: "It's a good talking point, but it doesn't actually answer the underlying question" (via Organizing for America):

Obama v piss-ant Rep. Eric Cantor at Health Care Summit (via DNC)

Sen Minority Leader Mitch McConnell Cries about Democrats Getting More Speaking Time (via Daily Beast):

Sen. Jay Rockefeller v Health Insurance Industry: ‘The health insurance industry is the shark that sits right below the water" (via Think Progress):

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