So Simple Even A Teabagger Can Understand It (UPDATED)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi produced this chart comparing job losses under Presidents Obama and Bush - just in case people don't know which way is up (Via TPM):


Actual data information can be found U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. (h/t biotch)


Here's another little graph (By the Numbers via the Nation):

Since 1940, Republicans have controlled the White House for thirty-six years; Democrats for thirty-three. Yet Bureau of Labor Statistics data show that almost two-thirds of new jobs were created during Democratic administrations. What about the years since Reagan was elected, promising prosperity through lower taxes, balanced budgets and less regulation? The Clinton years resulted in 21 million jobs, more than two decades of Reagan, Bush I and Bush II. One last detail: these numbers reflect only private-sector jobs; including the public sector would widen the gap in the Democrats' favor.
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