UPDATED: Sarah Palin, You Lying Little C____!

C as in "Cheater" you silly things!!

At last night's Teabggers' Ball, Sarah Palin wasn't just reading off the palm of her hand -- that would be bad enough considering how she condescendingly referred to President Obama as a “guy with a teleprompter” during her speech.

Oh, no, she was answering pre-screened questions off the palm of her hand during here 20 minute Q&A at this rally.

Pics via HuffPo's Stefan Sirucek:

"Energy", "Tax" and "Lift American Spirits"

Pic via mackld (h/t Oliver Willis):

And now, here's the video of Palin reading her hand (via Oliver Willis):

This is a pattern with Ms. Thing: Watch Sarah Palin Read Her Answers In Last Night’s Debate

President Obama wasn't reading notes of his "hand palm" while he came face to face with Republicans lobbing shot after shot AT him during a nearly 90 minute Q&A.

This thing couldn't make it through a 20 minute Q&A of pre-screened questions from pre-screened teabaggers while wiping her ass with the Constitution.

Sarah Palin, you're a lying little cheater!

You can read more about all this in HandPrompter Hilarity: Read The Words on Palin's Hand, Palin's Tea Party Crib Notes, Palin: I can potentially help our country in 2012 & I love Sarah Palin.

On a separate note, CNN's coverage of this ball was abusrd. We expect it from FOX, that pretty much goes unsaid, but CNN?!

I don't recall CNN (or FOX) EVER covering ANY of former VICE PRESIDENT Al Gore's speeches (on his warnings about the Iraq war for instance), like they did/do with Ms. Palin's hate-screed. Do you?


What's Sarah Palin's response to being caught? Well, she doubling down. From Reuters via Eileen B):
"Hi Mom!"
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