Rep. Steve King: American Taliban

Rep. Steve King is now advising his fellow right-wing domestic terrorists, the American Taliban (h/t Markos), to "implode" other IRS offices similar to what suicide bomber Joseph Andrew Stack did with his plane in Texas.

Via Think Progress:

ThinkProgress caught up with Rep. Steve King (R-IA) at CPAC to talk about the attack in Texas. Asked if the right-wing anti-tax rhetoric might have motivated the attack, King implicitly agreed, noting that he had been a leading opponent of the IRS for some time. He noted that although the attack was “sad,” “by the same token,” it was justified because once the the right succeeds at abolishing the IRS, “it’s going to be a happy day for America.” He sidestepped the question of the legitimacy of the terrorists’ grievances, but sympathized by saying that “I’ve had a sense of ‘why is the IRS in my kitchen.’ Why do they have their thumb in the middle of my back”:

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